Nouns as adjectives

论文写作中经常会使用名词做形容词. For example, mouse model study, water content measurement. 一个经常出现的错误是用名词的复数来做形容词。一般做形容词的名词要用单数 除非这个名词总是 以复数的形式使用, like data analysis, sports injury.

Cells membrane x,   Cell membrane

Nanoparticle suspensions solution x,   Nanoparticle suspension solution

Reactions mechanisms x,   Reaction mechanism


In “Tables 1 and 2”, 1 and 2 are used to modify Table, the plural form of Table should be used.

Table 1 and 2 x,   Tables 1 and 2

Figure 1-3 x,    Figures 1-3